Hello and welcome to the MurMur Blog! My name is Nina, and I've been working on this little (or large) project of mine for a while now. I started blogging and sewing four years ago, and it's been my dream to open an online shop to sell the clothes I make, along with a blog that offers inspiration on styling the clothes, but also showcases my inspiration behind them.

I take inspiration from many places, but they all have something in common: they're a form of escapism, a sort of daydream. Taking that inspiration, those daydreams about different lives in different places or times, and working them into garments helps me live those dreams to a certain extent. To me they're like costumes that give every day life a little more flavor, that make me feel a little more like I'm in a movie, like playing dress-up!

Wearing certain clothes sets my mood. Clothes that make me feel like a business woman help me act the part, fifties inspired dresses make me want to go for a picnic and bake cakes, and sometimes the feelings that my clothes inspire are more abstract and complex - which is why I've created this blog for my clothing line: I want to explain and convey the ideas behind my clothes through images, text, music, food and links to other content around the web.

You may be wondering why I chose the name MurMur for the line. Well, I wanted something that sounds nice and doesn't tie me down too much style wise - MurMur is something between cute and serious, it can go both ways. I grew up speaking two languages - German and English - both are a part of me, and I like the way MurMur sounds in both German and English. In short: I really like the word (acoustically & visually) and what it means.

Ninaphilosophy, murmur