found: Vintage Singer Sewing Machine


On Monday I went thrifting with my aunt and found quite a few things. The most beautiful thing I found was a vintage singer sewing machine:


The handwheel works, but one of the rubber bands is missing, and the other is in bad shape, so I'll have to find replacements. And there was no foot pedal or cover. But I couldn't resist. It's so beautifully made. If I can't get it to work (maybe even if I do), I will put it somewhere I can see it every day, I'll keep it as a piece of art.

I wonder if people in fifty years will find our household appliances beautiful. I doubt many of the appliances made today will make it that long. I admire how things used to be made to last, and if they broke there were skilled craftsmen who could fix them. On the other hand, if there hadn't been a $90 sewing machine on amazon four and a half years ago, I wouldn't have been able to start sewing!


Is it weird to buy things simply because they're beautiful? Haha, I hope not!