Gift Wrapping

Last friday I wrapped a small present for one of my co-workers with a few things I had at the office. I gave her chocolate covered dried cherries (we like to snack on these while we work! :)) and a hand/nail-cream from lush. I wanted to wrap them in a small bag or something, I thought wrapping it in paper would give it a weird shape.

I decided to make a small pouch from an old men's shirt, something she can reuse later for make-up or hair pins.


I measured the gifts to figure out how large the bag needed to be, and made a pattern from paper. When cutting up the shirt I made sure to place two buttons and buttonholes at the flap, to save time! As a finishing touch I added some lace I had, machine stitching along the top edge and hand stitching the bottom of the lace down, so as not to disturb the design with machine stitches.


I wrapped the small presents with some yarn and feathers, put them in the pouch and wrapped that in yarn and feathers as well. The only thing I forgot was a tag! I could've embroidered it onto the pouch, or written it on a small card attached to the yarn.