DIY: Bunny (Place) Card Holders

A few days ago I saw these swan and these bunny place card holders on I've seen so many plastic animal DIYs on the internet and I've been wanting to try one for a while, this seemed perfect for it!


Supplies needed:

  • plastic animal(s) - I chose bunnies, but almost got a couple lambs and fawns
  • saw
  • white and gold acrylic paint
  • paintbrush

I started by marking where I wanted the slit for the card to be and sawing right into the plastic. I used a small piece of paper to keep checking if the slit is deep enough.

Once the card stayed upright in the slit, I painted two coats of white paint (letting the first coat dry before painting a second, see picture #3 below) covering the bunny! I used a toothpick to make sure no paint covers the slit.

Once the second coat of white paint was dry, I added the gold details (they took 2 coats as well) and let them dry.


And that's it! Pretty easy :)


As I only made two and I don't really host too many dinner parties, I thought about other ways I could use these:


You could use them to keep track of your plants! Sometimes I forget the exact names of the roses I buy... with bigger plants you could make a small hole at the bottom of the bunny and attach a stick to it, so it's more visible.


Or you could use them to display pretty postcards or birthday cards. I'll definitely find a use for these, they're so cute!