Color Inspiration

I made a new moodboard from some of my favorite "color" images:


I used images I found in various places: Pan Am Screenshots,, tahti, fancy fine, esme and the laneway, coletterie and pinterest.

September was really busy, soon I'll be working less so hopefully sewing more :) One thing I did sew was this sweater:

Well, I altered it, it's from H&M and the exact color I've been looking for! Since may I've been looking for the perfect mint mohair fitted sweater, and this one was perfect except for the fit, it was waaay too big. And now it's not! :)

(btw, how amazing are rotary cutters? I was so blown away when I first tried mine!! I barely had to press! AMAZING!)

Hope to be back sooner this time, finally have my camera at home again.

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