Lamp Lust

Moving to another country and in to my first non-roommate apartment, I bought a lot of furniture this year. Surprisingly, I found it quite difficult to find lamps that I really liked. My lamps in Switzerland were all from thrift stores, yet lately I’ve been in the mood for something more modern and fresh. But what does that look like? What am I looking for in a lamp?


via 1stdibs and wikipedia

These ceramic sconces were designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900 - 1990), once a Bauhaus student. The lamps were supposedly designed in the 1950s, but they’re so timeless. Good design ages well!



Coincidentally also from Switzerland and now living in the states, I found Carmen d’Apollonio’s work through pinterest. She makes beautiful ceramics, many of which are lamps. I’ve been really into ceramics lately, there’s something warm, soft and organic about them, without the stuffiness that can come with textiles.


via 1stdibs

This plated chrome table lamp “Sophia” is by Another Human, a young furniture design brand by Leah Ring. I love the Memphis Design Movement, which is a big influence on her pieces. Check out her other pieces here, they’re all very playful and sculptural!



This pendant light by Lukas Peet is interesting, although I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work in my apartment (not that I can afford it in the first place lol!).


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This lamp was designed by Ettore Sottsass (whose work I’m mildly obsessed with) in 1968 and produced by Poltronova in Italy. Read more about it on the MoMA website.



This one might just be my favorite. Too bad for me, ‘cause it’s “price on request”. Might try to DIY something similar for myself.

Also shout-out to my dad who made a lamp once by buying a clear acrylic pipe (about 10” in diameter), glueing it onto a base and then filling it with string lights. Cost effective, easy and quick - and it also looks cool! I think he might’ve drilled a hole near the bottom for the cord, but to make it a tool-less project the string could also just be draped over the edge at the top of the pipe.

Looking at all of these it’s clear I like sculptural lamps with rounded shapes (preferably U shapes it seems!). More lamps on my pinterest board.