I am now in my last semester studying fashion design, and am working on my thesis collection. My portfolio website has been up for a while now, at, in case anyone is interested in seeing what I've been up to during my studies.

I've very much neglected this space since I started studying, and I certainly won't find time to blog during this semester, but I've been wondering about my time after I graduate. After doing my 7 month internship in New York last year, I've decided to move there once I graduate. It's a scary but exciting prospect, to be so far away from my family, friends and the country I grew up in, but New York has always been my home as well, since I have family and friends here too.

Who knows, maybe I'll get back into blogging once I start working (another frightening but exciting prospect! I'm hoping to find a paying job in the industry of course, but at first I'll probably have to work some other jobs as well) - since I always love having a little space of my own to have full "creative control" over. Maybe I'll finally find time to do some furniture DIY's on the weekends! Being so busy with school work, I really miss pursuing my other hobbies. Or maybe I'll make a list of the things I've learned through school that would have been useful to me as a hobby sewer/dressmaker. We'll see. I considered shutting this blog down, but I realized I'm not quite ready to do that, even though I'm aware there's probably very few people still reading.

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