Harness Sketch & Leather

Remember the Armor Jacket? I made a muslin for it in April but have not yet started on the actual garment (already have the fabric though!). Remember I also wanted to make a harness to go with it? Well, I really want to make a harness regardless, because lately I feel like wearing one over other stuff too, and I want to make it very multifunctional. I want to make different size bags/purses/pouches that I can attach with hooks and carabiners to the harness, so I have my hands free (I've been using my bike a lot recently so that's why this harness thing has become a priority again :)). Plus I think they're cool. There.


This is my sketch for the first one I want to try. A very simple, reversible harness with three metal rings to attach stuff to. 

A quick note about my sketch, I found Anto's blog Stardustsoul a few days ago (she sews and illustrates beautifully!) and clicked my way through the pages and felt so inspired! She illustrated a Paper Doll that is so stylish and modern! (click here to see it and download it for free!) I though "I wish I could draw like that, I'd make illustrations of all my clothes to come up with new outfits." And then yesterday I though, wait, why shouldn't I try that? After all, I'm going to have to get over the "I'm not that good at fashion drawings" soon, if I want to go into clothing design. So I sat down for a couple of hours and made a croquis, or I guess a sort of accurate paper doll of myself, and I'm so glad I did. I did a lot of looking in the mirror and photographing my hands with my iphone to make it as accurate as possible, and even though it's nowhere near as pretty as Anto's illustrations, I can see an improvement for myself. So to practice drawing clothing, I'm going to try to sketch a garment I own a day to fit that sketch of my body - it's such a small thing to do every day, and I have the clothes right in front of me, so I'm hoping that will motivate me to practice more.

Anyways, below are some of the types of leather I ordered (I plan on making more than one :)), all from the etsy shop "All Leather Supplies" .