Buttons for 40s Blouse

All I have left to do on the 40s blouse are attach the buttons and do the hem. Somehow this is always the point where I need to push myself to finish. For me a big motivator is seeing what the finished piece will look like. So once I've finished the basic structure of the garment, the little details don't give me as much satisfaction as that moment when you first put it on. But in long run, after I've worn the piece a couple of times, it's the details that I appreciate! Clean seam finishes, tacked down facings, even hems, good fit - all things that sometimes require you to go back and redo something.

That was just a long way of saying I'm a lazy eff sometimes. But if I want to ever wear that blouse, I need attach buttons and make buttonholes! Below are the buttons I talked about in my last post about the blouse


I really like the big round ones, but they're a little bit too big and heavy I think. The little sailor buttons are a bit too small, so I'll probably use the round netted buttons (on the left in the second photo) or the smaller hexagonal netted ones (top right corner in second photo).

Which ones would you use? And would you use the hexagonal ones vertically or horizontally? I think I'd use them vertically, it's probably easier to fit them through the buttonhole that way.