He's here!!! Be prepared for unneccessary amounts of cat pictures, snuck into posts that have nothing to do with cats just BECAUSE. He is of course adorable and already had a long nap with me yesterday afternoon, shortly after he got here!


As for his name, I've decided to name him Minkleton, Minkle for short (sound familiar?). I'm still debating his first name :)


To try to make this post a little more interesting for you readers, here's a round up of (cat-related) DIY's and products from around the web:


1 is from a pair and a spare, and I think this would make a really cool cat basket! Most cat baskets have those kitshy paw prints and are well, not very chic :) So I really want to try to make a basket like that!

2 is a Lampshade you can buy from the etsy shop mostlikelyShop and assemble at home.

3 is technically a dog house, but it could totally be adapted to be a cat house. I really like the homemade modern blog, they have really cool projects, go check it out! I really wish I had some power tools and a garage to do stuff like this...

4 is another idea for a cat bed, made from a vintage suitcase (I see them in almost every thrift store!)

5 is a guest post from Kate of Scathingly Brilliant (who has adorable cats herself!) for the kittenhood blog (love her blog as well, check them both out!)

6 is an image I found online and traced to Hiroko Kubota via google image search. The embroidery is so detailed and beautiful! Maybe some of you remember the piece I embroidered for my art school application? Next time I feel like embroidering, I'll have to try something like this!