Settling in + Bought: Vintage Patterns

I have internet in my new aparment! Yes! The house is now a home :) Although to tell the truth I didn't miss it all that much, I was so busy painting wine crates, building my ikea desk and buying plants. I don't have my camera chord here yet, so the photos of the things I've made and bought will have to wait for another post. But here's a crappy iPhone picture of my new (old) bed:


The best thing about a large bed, is that when I'm on my laptop and I get sleepy, I don't have to close it and put it away, I can just roll over and doze off.  :) And my new room is so big! There's actually room for all of my stuff!

In other news, I'm finally feeling inspired to sew again! A big part of that was Rochelle's post about a 40s dress she made. The bodice of that dress is the perfect blouse! And the buttons are amazing! I tried to find the exact pattern she used but no luck... and in the process of searching for a similar one (it wasn't that easy! kimono/cap sleeves, no yoke, gathers a the shoulder seams, tucks at the waist, button front, cute collar), I came across a couple other patterns that I needed to buy (obviously):


The first pattern is the closest one I found to the one Rochelle used, and I love the striped version, especially the contrasting pockets! I'm usually not so much into stripes, but in that shade of blue... hmm. But I should really be using up stuff from my stash. The second pattern is very similar to the first, but comes with an original embroidery transfer! Plus it has set-in sleeves, so it's totally different, right? :) The third I got because of the gathering detail at the collar and the turned up cuffs. Maybe I could even make a coat from that pattern? The fourth one isn't exactly special, but I love the artwork and design of the envelope, and I like that the tank has a wide neckline. I really need more sleeveless tops. And pants! I've never made pants (or well, not wearable ones...), so that's always a good pattern to have on hand. Oh my god, the fifth pattern is exactly like a dress in one of my vintage magazines!! I posted it here, I'm talking about the Jean Dressès one. So of course, I had to have it. The last pattern I though might be good for a cowgirl type blouse, another thing that's been on my never ending "to sew" list for years. Maybe something very lightweight with some embroidery?

I'd also like to share the ones I ended up not buying (mostly because they aren't my size), because someone should!

Most of what attracts me to these patterns are neckline/bust gathering details or pocket details. The pocket flap and seamline on the second to last pattern (simplicity 3224) remind me of downward hanging flower petals! The last pattern is a knitting pattern, and I'm not sure if I have the patience to knit something with such a small gauge, but the result looks beautiful...

I hope my patterns arrive soon so I can get started! Anyone else find some nice vintage patterns lately?