A Quick Update

Hi everyone! I was recently featured in an article titled "Seven Reasons Why Sewing Is A Big Deal" as one of six of the best sewing blogs! Most of you are probably aware of this, since my bloglovin' follower number doubled in the week after the article was published :) Hello new readers! But if you haven't read the article yet, check it out, I was featured along side 5 amazing sewing bloggers (seriously, I thought they were going to link to me in a long list of blogs, I never thought I'd be featured next to some of my favorite sewing bloggers!).

Unfortunately I'm so busy at the moment, which is why this blog here is so quiet. I kind of stumbled into a job as assistant to the director of a local musical, and opening night is in two weeks! Yikes! So many rehearsals to plan, and emails to send and answer... I feel like I have about 5 excel files open at all times, but it's a great opportunity, and I like the challenge  (plus it's distracting me from some personal stuff I'm going through).

Also, I'm moving into a new apartment over the next month! It's really close to the art school I'm starting at, and my room is big with a beautiful "herringbone" wooden floor. My future roommate hasn't been in the apartment for too long, so there's still lots left to decorate and we love the same style! Decorating my own apartment is something I've been looking forward to for so long, and I'm really excited about it. So expect some home decor DIYs and sewing projects on here :) (I made a pinboard for all my decor inspo)

Oh, and I finally did what I've been afraid to try for two years:


I went white! Or nearly white :) I'm trying different shades of pastel purple and pink at the moment. I really like my natural dark brown hair, but I just had to finally try this! Some days I love it, some days I don't, but that's ok.