Want, Found, Bought: Furniture & Decor

These past two weeks, I've devoted every free moment to planning my new bedroom - color scheme, art, pillows, bed - and collecting ideas for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

This is the moodboard I've made for my bedroom:

The pillow-covers on the right hand side are on their way to me! I bought them from the etsy shops ElemenOPillows and Motif Pillows. The chair in the lower left hand corner was for sale in a vintage furniture store in Zürich, but someone bought it before I could :( I was so sad! I love the shape and the two tones of grey, I feel like it could be styled so many different ways... it would have been an "investment piece" ah well.

The three paintings at the top are from the etsy shop tastes orangey (from the artist Clare Elsaesser), I love them! I chose those three, but there are so many other great ones in her shop.


The colors I plan to use are dark blues, greys and different shades of green/teal/mint (like the ocean in the paintings) as a "base" , with salmon pink, dark orange and yellow accents (it's a large room!).

There are a few things I've already bought. I got an orange chair (it's darker than in the photo) for this ikea "desk" I plan to buy. At the same thrift store, I found what is probably my most amazing thrift find: a roll of 100% silk, very pale grey crepe de chine! For 32.- swiss francs!!! I calculated that there must be at least 15 meters of fabric on the roll! I can't believe my luck! I plan to make a canopy bed! A very simple one, like the one on my moodboard. I also bought the bar cart below through ricardo.ch (like ebay or craigslist but for switzerland), and I'm going to go pick it up this friday!


Of course there are a couple of things I plan to make myself (geometric rug, wine crates for storage, canopy bed!, pillows...), and I'll share those projects when I get around to doing them, probably in late june and july.

Well, that's all for now, I hope to have pictures to show soon!