The Labels arrived!

A few months ago I shared the clothing labels I was working on. I've changed the design since then (most importantly switched from black on white, to white on black), and finally got them made!


I ordered them via, and I'm pretty happy with them. It did take a lot of emails back and forth, and the size labels were shipped seperately (hope they didn't get lost...), but the labels are just how I wanted them and very soft against the skin! No poking edges, that's important.

By the way, the Mint Bustier in these pictures is the first piece of the Gossamer collection! It's made from Shantung, to mimic that metallic shimmer of beetles.


I'm excited to have a whole box of these! The details are slowly coming together, it's the patterns that are the hard part right now. Since I've been so frustrated with the skirt pattern for Gossamer, I'm thinking of putting it on hold to rework some of my older patterns like the Mint Dress (maybe use the bodice to make a summer top?) and the Betty Draper Summer Dress.