Found & Want: Gloves

A few weeks ago, my aunt showed me the collection of gloves that belonged to my grandmother, and it got me thinking about gloves. I know, winter is almost over and now I start thinking about gloves. Even though I live in cold (at least in winter) Switzerland, I don't really have any gloves. Maybe it's because I used to always loose them, that I feel like I can't handle it? Or I just haven't looked for ones I really liked? The thing is, most of the gloves I like are finger-gloves, and they just don't keep my hands as warm as mittens. But why just wear them for warmth? My grandmother had at least 20 pairs, in different fabrics and lengths (she also had a special "glove-leather-soap"!). I doubt she had all of those for purely practical reasons, they were accessories! My aunt gave me this pair, I think they're kinda modern and quirky considering how old they are:



Above is another page from the vintage french magazine I have, gloves used to be an accessory that was taken seriously! I feel like they've become less important, probably because they can be impractical at times (smartphone screens anyone?), but also because I don't see many interesting or special gloves when I go shopping. They all kind of look the same, and are usually a bit boring.

And so I started collecting online glove inspiration, there's so much! I tried to sort them:

Those on the bottom are so weird and cool! It's like Shiaparelli thought "hey, why go crazy on hats only? Let's make gloves weird too!", and the second ones must look so dramatic when worn! And what are you going to do with them once you take them off? It's like you need a seperate bag just to carry your gloves.

I can't resist cute. Just the colors are enough. And the styling in these photos!

It's unusual for me, because I'd pick colors over black any day, but this set is my favorite I think. The one with the fly on it? MAGNIFICENT. And I do not use that word lightly. I actually "omg"'d out loud when I saw those on this moodboard. How did they get the leather to do that? I think if I owned them they'd never get worn, out of fear of losing one (or both).


How cute are these "Granliden" mittens? They are made by Klara Bothén, and sold here.

Even though winter is almost over (hopefully), I don't think I've wasted my time thinking about gloves. At least now I have enough time to decide what I want to buy for next year!