back from real life

Hello! It's been too long! I started art school in late august and since then I've been so busy with school and the theater project and other stuff, that for a while I didn't get around to sewing at all.

I have to say though, one reason I needed a break for a while was because I was frustrated with the reaping dress. You see, I cut out an a-line skirt, but that wasn't full enough and it just looked sad and weird. So I cut a circle skirt, and that was too full and just looked "old" in a bad way, it was just too much fabric. And then I had no more fabric. So I went to Zürich to get some more aaaand of course they didn't have it anymore. That was just really "euugh" and I was so busy that I just focused on school for a while (also in the beginning I was way to tired to go to the office after working on projects form 8 to 5...).

But art school is awesome, I really really enjoy it, it just feels right. Remember how you felt when you first started sewing? How fast you got better at things, and how much you could see the difference in those first few projects? I feel like that's happening to me every week... we have weekly subjects. My first week was in the wood workshop, the second in the metal workshop, then you spend a week drawing this huge pile of tables, chairs and random objects, painting (3 weeks for this!), computer lab, gravure printing, drawing naked people, animation and then fashion photography!! (more on that in an upcoming post).

Now I'm on a two week christmas break, but I'm working hard on my application to the womenswear fashion design course at Central St. Martins in London. I'm starting to get really nervous, and I'm so scared that I'll forget one tiny little thing that will ruin it all, so it hasn't really been a relaxing holiday. But I can relax in the summer, when school is over, and the musical is over (that will be sad though!), and applications are over and I hopefully have a spot at a university (I'm also applying to a fashion design course at a school in Basel).

I think I'll just post a few pictures to end this whole "Sorry I Don-Drapered you all" Post.


Minkle grew up quite a bit! But he's still cute as ever (that red stuff on my face in the one picture is fake blood from a music video I played in for a friend, I don't walk around like that all the time...)


A skirt and bustier (wasn't done at this point) I made from an old mens jacket for the two week course "fashion Photography". We had 3.5 days to work on the fashion part (make something new from an old garment, styling etc.) and 3.5 days to build a set in which to photograph it. I'll show pictures soon!


The Armor Jacket, a bustier top (that's the back), a blazer and a skirt from the collection I've been working on for Central Saint Martins (the top and blazer are fancy muslins, the jacket is WIP and the skirt is wearable, but the fabric isn't that great, couldn't find grey sweatshirt fabric so I had to "upcycle" an old sweatshirt). I'll post more indepth on these when I'm done with my application :)

So happy new year, and see you soon! (If it makes you feel any better, I've neglected my hair as much as this blog, you can pretty much read the passing in the pictures above by looking at my roots, but I had no time and no money because you know, art school)