Seeing as most of the things I'm working on at the moment (sewing-related at least), have something to do with the planning of my online shop, I think it makes sense to "announce" it here on my blog. I've already written a little about it and posted pictures of my sketchbook here, but I've opened a seperate blog for the online shop here. The name of the shop (or label? can I even call it that?) is "Murmur". I just really like the word, and that it can be pronounced in many different ways and still not sound like a real word :) Plus, it doesn't (to me at least) suggest a particular style of clothing, which I like, because I'd like to be able to do different things, as I enjoy many different styles.

Anyway, I thought I'd let anyone who reads this blog know, since I doubt I'll be able to post here that often, because it's hard to find time to sew something for myself at the moment. But I want to start blogging regularly on the shop's blog, posting a mix of DIYs, recipes, style inspiration, general inspiration, decorating, embroidery, progress on the collection, music, films etc. so if you enjoy my blog, I'd really appreciate it if you had a look at the Murmur Blog! It's very new so things will probably keep changing, but I'm very motivated :) (Today I posted about some speaker covers I made from some mint cotton and lace!)

I feel a little shy about opening the blog to the "public", since I've been working on all of this on my own until now, and have only gotten feedback from a few of my friends, but in a way that's a good reason to open it - more feedback! I won't delete this blog though, don't worry! Depending on how things develop I'll probably keep posting about my personal sewing projects on this blog. And I managed to alter a few of those clothes I sorted out in the summer, so I have something to post about on this neglected little blog!

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