Almond Tarte

I originally started this blog to write about sewing AND baking/cooking, but somehow I rarely post pictures of my baking. Well, I have a favorite recipe I've made a couple of time in the last few months: the Almond Tarte.

It is delicious. And I've gotten better at making it! The first one I made was a little too hard and crispy. Also the surface didn't look as pretty:

Don't get me wrong, it was still good, but not as good as the next few!

If you like almonds and caramel, go for it, make this, you will love it. It's more candy than cake. It's like homemade Toffifay without the chocolate (if you want the chocolate you can just melt some good quality, dark chocolate and sprinkle/pour some on top of the tarte when it's done, I might try that some time, but it's not like it needs it). Everyone that tried some of this liked it, I feel like this is going to become my "classic" haha :)

the lighting is a little too "cool" in these fotos, so the tarte looks a little pale but omnomnom, it is delicious! Here's the recipe. It sounds complicated but it's not that bad, really, and it's sooo worth it! And here's the post I did on my german blog when I made it the first time, WIP pictures included!