Pink Sheath Dress

Pattern: Butterick 2952 (same as for the red sheath dress)Year: early 60s Fabric: about 1.5 yards pink cotton broadcloth Notions: zipper Time: ca. 12 hours Cost: about $11

Compared to the last Butterick 2952 I made, I...

  • lowered the waist a little again in the front, I made it a little too high for the red dress

  • cut the skirt short enough from the beginning, to save fabric (I knew I wanted the same length as last time)

  • took about a 2cm off each side, also around the armholes this time (that was something I didn't do with the red one since I had already attached the facings when I noticed everything was a little too wide)

  • made the sleeves smaller to fit the altered armholes (since those got smaller with the side seam adjustment :))

I think I'll wear this for my first day of university on monday. Of course without the heels and fancy accessories :)

I really like this pattern! It's quick, basic and flattering, can be dressed up or worn by itself. And it doesn't use an insane amount of fabric! I have plans to make another one in blue, and then a houndstooth one (with an added waistband).