I am very lucky...

I went to a thrift store today with my friend, to look at the furniture (because we're hoping to find apartments in the cities we'll be studying in soon), and I found the most perfect piece of furniture! A sewing table that came with an old Pfaff 360 (all for only 50 swiss francs! manual included)!

It's more than a table really, it has 5 drawers that lock, the machine is on a piece of wood that descends into the commode. So when you want to sew, you open the door, pull the machine up (either half way, and attach a wood piece so the throat plate is on the same level as the rest of the table, or all the way to sew sleeves etc.), flip up a piece of wood and take the pedal out. It's hard to explain so I'll just show some pictures:

Look at all the stuff I found in the drawers! I especially love the bobbin holder attached to the door (and so many spools of thread!), and an embroidery hoop! When I was just talking about that last week! (The transfers arrived, just need to wait for my fabric to arrive from the states so I can start embroidering :) )

I'm just so excited about this. The machine works as far as I can tell, it's definitely had a "check-up" since the sixties because there's a new looking sticker on it from a place here in Lucerne that fixes machines. Only the bobbin-holder (is that what it's called?) is missing, but my other machine is a Pfaff too, so I can take the bobbin-thingy from my newer one (or maybe I can buy a new one if I find one that fits?). But other than that, nothing seems to be missing, even the different presser-feet are there (and in a handy box too).

I haven't tried sewing with it, but it runs so smoothly! It just seems like it's very good quality. And it's pretty too :)

There's room for the serger too!

It's just so perfect that I found this, because I spent the last week cleaning out all of the STUFF I have/had (Especially clothes, I have so many I never wear, it felt good to get rid of them), to make room for my sewing stuff. I've aquired so much sewing stuff, so I wanted to figure out a smart and organized way of storing it all. This little sewing-commode will definitely help.

I now habve 2 Pfaff sewing machines (this one from the sixties, and one from the eighties I got for my birthday 2 years ago) and a serger. Is it weird having so many sewing machines? It feels weird. How many do you have?