I'm in fabric heaven

I've spent 2 days in New Yorks Fashion District, and I don't want to go back to Switzerlands small range of fabrics :( I now know what wool crepe feels like! And what gabardine is! And chambray!

I bought a spiral bound notebook and started systematically working my way through the fabric stores, writing down where I saw what. Today I even got swatches! I always feel shy about asking because I know I won't be able to buy that much of every fabric, but hey, I'm here once a year or once every two years! I need to make sure I get exactly what I want :)

So I spent the evening cutting the swatches into nice squares, stapling them into the notebook and writing down what the fabric's called, where I got it and how much it costs. I don't think I've ever been this organized haha...

I've only bought one fabric so far, I found the perfect one for the embellished bustier! At Parons, they're so nice there! I actually forgot to write down the name of this fabric, but it's a dusty pink lycra-type fabric that has a satin-shine to it. I'll go back there soon to find out the name...

Fabrics I've seen:

  • Shantung! So many pretty colors. I want to get some for the bustier dress (Gertie's Online Course), but can't decide on a color. I'm trying to find the perfect shade of dark seafoam and I'm also considering a nice, almost tealy, blue

like this with a dash of seafoam

or a blue like the dress on the right

  • A nice deep purple wool crepe (maybe for that Lucille Dress?)

  • Gabardines for more sheath dresses? (blue and green)

  • Houndstooth fabric

  • Herringbone wool

and so many more to be honest... I have to see what my budget can manage before I buy :)