Sewing Plans

Since I didn't find all the fabrics I needed for the projects I had planned, I need to re-plan. This isn't really an interesting post to read, but it'll help me wrap my head around all the things I want to do. postponed:

Embellished Bustier: I will take a look around the fabric store in my hometown Lucerne and in Zürich and see if I find something, otherwise it'll have to wait until after NY. Done: pattern, color-scheme, small embellishments To-do: fabric, notions

Red Lace Dress: has to wait until after NY. Done: chose color To-do: lace, underlining fabric, notions, draft pattern and test it

new sewing list:

1. Red Dress: want to start making it tomorrow. Done: fabric (the red cotton-lycra from Paris) To-do: last detail decisions on the design, buy notions (zipper and grosgrain-ribbon for waist-stay)

2. Mint Dress: will make it after the red dress from a pastell mint-colored fabric I've had for a while, and I want to use some of those vintage buttons I bought. It will be a 50ies inspired summer dress (I've been getting ideas from those magazines!), and because the fabric is very simple I want lots of nice details (scalloped hem, fancy neckline, buttons etc). Done: fabric To-do: decide on a design, draft pattern, buy notions,

3. Bustier "Bombshell" Dress: will be made sooner than I expected (after the mint dress probably), because I bought Gertie's online bombshell dress course :) It uses a burdastyle pattern I wanted anyway, and I love listening to sewing videos! Maybe because I don't have real-life friends to talk to about sewing haha :) Done: bought pattern To-do: choose color (dark green? teal? blue?), buy fabric, print and assemble pattern, buy notions

4. Tweed "Chanel" Dress: I originally wanted to make it in the fall, but now that I already have the fabric, I'm so excited about this project! So I might make it earlier than I'll be able to wear it :) Done: fabric, pattern (probably the butterick sheath dress pattern with a few changes to the skirt and neckline to make it exactly what I want, or maybe I'll draft a pattern) To-do: (under)lining fabric (wouldn't red be fun?), notions (zipper, grosgrain fro waist-stay

I'll write more about the designs of these dresses as I get around to makng them :)

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