The Floral "Paris" Dress - WIP II

Yesterday and today (tuesday and wednesday) I...

  • cut the underskirt

  • sewed the underskirt side-seams (french seams! I love them, so neat!)

  • adjusted the waistline (my waist is about an inch higher up compared to an "average body")

  • gathered the underskirt and skirt

  • sewed the straps and side-seams of the bodice, and zigzagged those seams

  • cut, zigzagged and "fusible-interfaced" the facings

  • attached the facings to armholes and neckline

  • understitched the facings

  • catch-stitched the armhole facings by hand

So now I don't have that much left to do! Maybe I'll finish tomorrow :) Pinned the skirt and bodice to my dress-form to see what it will look like:

To do:

  1. catch-stitch neckline facing by hand

  2. cut both skirts open along the back (for zipper)

  3. attach skirt and underskirt to bodice (make sure to sew center back folds of bodice in place)

  4. finish that seam

  5. add waiststay

  6. prepare skirt for zipper: 1. Sew up the skirt till where zipper comes in; 2. Sew underskirt to skirt like here (use iron to press it flat).

  7. Insert hand picked zipper

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