The Lucille Bluth Dress

I came across this vintage pattern (butterick 2907) recently, and my first thought was: "oh my god. this would be prefect for Lucille Bluth!" (partly due to the hair, but also because of the dress)

If you don't know who I'm talking about, Lucille Bluth is a great character from the show "Arrested Development" (played by Jessica Walter). I you don't know the show, you should watch it online somewhere! It's my all-time favorite series. Unfortunately it was cancelled after 3 seasons... She loves to drink early in the morning, spend money on fur, helicopter-parent her youngest son, make snide comments about her daughters weight and the country club (but not when she only has a pool membership! hmpf). In short: she's the best horrible mother ever!


image via google

The dress doesn't look too hard, since it's not fitted. I've never done a cowl neckline before though (which is the one I would want to make) so that might be a bit of a challenge (makes it more fun to do!), as well as the raglan sleeves!

Don't know what color I'd make this in. I like the blue-ish green of the printed dress on the envelope, so maybe a solid blue-green? But a print would be fun too. A nice "old lady" print.

And what kind of fabric? It needs to have a nice drape, but not be too thin, since this is more of a winter dress.

Still have a lot of decisions to make about this pattern, but it's not at the top of my list right now anyway. At least I have something to look forward to next winter :)