Embellished Bustier - Color Scheme

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this dress is my inspiration for the bustier (especially the embellishments), and I used it to try and make a color scheme:

The yellow dot is supposed to represent gold. I don't like the way the colors look in this image, but I think if I find the right jewels it'll look right.

Here's some more bustier/embellishment inspiration:

I'm kind of obsessed with bustiers/corsets. I think my fascination started a long time ago, and my obsession startet after I saw Mario Antoinette. There's so many different types of bustiers I want to sew! And maybe someday I'll try a rococo corset, even though they're very impractical they're so beautiful! They're complicated to make too, so if I ever feel like I need a challenge, I know what do :)