Floral Skirt

This is an od picture of a skirt I once made and haven't worn since that summer. I got the fabric at the thrift store, it was a children's duvet-cover.

It was an easy skirt, just an elastic waist, very very basic. As I was still pretty much a beginner, the "finish" isn't really nice:

But since I still have more of the fabric, I've decided I'm gonna make a dress with it, reusing this skirt.

(btw: what's funny is that a design student in my town took the image at the top from my german blog without asking me or even letting me know, and last year I went to see the exhibit of the bachelor "projects" or whatever you'd call them (thesis?), and it was the strangest moment of my life, seeing myself on the wall, on a huge poster, and all over the pages of a magazine she printed, with this image of me cut into strips, ripped into pieces, cut into triangles etc. It was unreal! But I never managed to really do anything about it. She didn't mention me ANYWHERE. Like, I'm sorry but you can't do that when you're writing a thesis type thing (even the maturaarbeit at our school is very strict about citing sources)! I always wondered whether I should've called the school, if they would've taken away her Bachelor's degree. I mean, her entire thesis was about the different ways she cut up my picture! (She choose it I guess because there are three of me and the title of her thesis was "prosopagnosia"))