We Want War - Inspiration & First Sketches

Well, since I think my machine is temporarily broken, I now have time to post a little more about my past project "We Want War". It all started in October 2008, I was in Mexico and was walking back to the hotel from a wedding along the beach. It was about 2 in the morning, and the beach was really "deep" (as in, the part from the ocean to where the sand ends was long), and the waves were pretty high. The sky was as dark as the ocean, and it was impossible to tell where they met, it was as if the sky had folded itself down into the ocean, and was licking the beach, trying to seduce me into going in.

It was just a very special moment, one of those moments that reminds you how amazing nature is. And I thought about that moment a lot in the months after that. There was something about being tired, and the darkness and nothing but the sound of the waves. It was so beautiful and so scary. I wanted to go drown myself in it (in a very non-suicidal way, if you know what I mean :)) and at the same time it scared me. And since the beach was so "deep", and the waves were constantly in motion, it was hard to tell if I was walking towards or away from the water. I felt somehow hypnotized.

It would take me a while to figure out why the ocean fascinates me so much, and why that moment was so important.

What I did know though, was that I wanted to sew clothing for my Maturaarbeit (the project we have to do during our last year of school, we can choose what we want to do), and that I wanted it to be inspired by animals.

So these were the first few sketches:

I then realized that I was most interested in the sea-creature inspired ones, so I set that as my theme: "clothing inspired by sea-creatures". Buuut, then I had a "marie antoinette"-phase, and for a while I thought about incorporating that too:

I even sewed a rococo dress!

but then I concentrated more on sea-creatures again, and this time I tried to keep it a little less obvious:

this one was one of these first designs, and it was the first one I sewed too, I call it #16 cause the number fits for me (I sort of have synesthesia with numbers...):

The next "We Want War" post will be about this dress.

and these were some of my inspiration pages: