The Green-Blue, Velvet Bustier-Top

Well, well... after only one post about it, I've finished :) It was an easy project, the hardest part was sewing on the front closure by hand (I think my machine is broken, there's something wrong with the top thread tension, as the thread always get's tangled in, what I guess you could call the "bobbin chamber"... any tips?). work in progress

almost done!

done! this is what I look like after a few hours of sewing :) I like the way it turned out, even though I changed the design slightly. It's not really "clean" (as in, it's not perfect and it does, in my opinion, look like something home-made instead of bought), but I just wanted a fun top for summer that isn't to hot, and it'll do :)

I'll post nicer pictures of the bustier-top when I take pictures of the outfit I made this for (floral shorts!).