Lace Bodysuit - Sketch and WIP

Ok, don't laugh at my sketching abilities! I know I need to practice... still, here a page in my sketchbook on the lace bodysuit.

The darker shading is where the "built-in bra" will be.

I bought this stuff today (although I won't be using the cups, they don't fit right and they're just alltogether weird...) the lace (it was suprisingly cheap for swiss standards!). I also found pre-sewn hook & eye closures (on a roll! I got what they had left): After hand-sewing on about 30 hook & eye closures on a "corset" I made once, I'm through with it. Hand sewing can be ok, but not this stuff, and not when you need a lot and it needs to look clean. So tonight I started working on the bra pieces that will cover up the real bra: I drafted a pattern from a corselet bra, but it's not that easy (since I didn't want to take it apart) and I had to adjust it a few times. But I have 1 half done and it looks ok to me:

Can't wait to get to the lace part! This is might be a tricky project, especially if I want it to fit right. I hope I have the patience to do it right :)