Bento Box Obsession

I have to admit I'm really lazy when it comes to food. When I'm hungry, I want food then and there and usually end up eating a bowl of cereal, when really I could have a delicious sandwich or a creative snack if I just took the 15 min it takes to make something like that! Don't get me wrong, I love cereal, but I can't go on eating it 2+ times a day. Well, I have seen some very creative lunchboxes on different blogs (sometimes called "Bento boxes"), and I'm a little obsessed. I want a lunchbox! It would help me save money too since I spend a lot of my allowance on food (when I could be using it for fabric and such...).

My problem is that when my mom goes shopping and asks me what I want, I never know. So after looking through a ton of lunchbox photos here, and seeing bleubird vintage's pictures of her kid's lunchboxes, I started a "Foods that I like" Catalog, with a list of easy snack recipes and a shopping list.

Here are some pictures from bleubird vintage:

Looks delicious! And this lunchbox is like one big tupperware... I'm thinking of ordering one, but only after my "test-phase", in which I must succeed in making myself these types of lunches (just things that can go in a lunchbox), liking and eating them! I basically just want to get into the habit of making myself food. Real food, not cereal. Except for breakfast. And I need to know that I can do this before I buy a lunchbox, otherwise I'd just be wasting money!

These past few days I've been good! Here's proof:

omnomnom, pita bread turkey sandwiches with honey mustard and cheese! Toasted this in the toaster oven, but a sandwichtoaster is already on my "to buy" list :)

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