Lace Bodysuit - Inspiration

Lace Bodysuits II

I made a polyvore set out of a few bodysuits I found on there, as I plan to make one!

I what I like about these:

1. the shape of the neckline (if it can even be called a "neck"line haha) and the thin straps

2. a nice "modest" version

3. underwire for the bust

4. the fabric and the thin straps

5. + 6. + 7. like these alot, I might make a long sleeved one after the sleeveless one (which is the one I plan to make first).

However none of these really "nailed it". I did find this on lookbook though:

Tahti wore this here (I lightened the image slightly to see more detail), and I really like the shape of the neckline and especially the front hook & eye closure. Not sure if it's a bodysuit though, probably just a corselet-style bra.

This one is similar. I'm aiming for one that looks like these last two.

But since I want to wear the bodysuit as normal "outerwear" I'm going to sew a black, vintage style bra to the inside (better than wearing one underneath the bodysuit since that would be too many straps for me!) I haven't decided yet if I'm going to try to make one from scratch, or take an old one and cover it with fabric and make the bra-band longer (to make it look like a corselet style bra). I think I might just use an old one this time and figure out bra-making when I have the patience to wait for my finished garment :)