the awkward first post...

Yes, well I made this blog to post about my sewing projects, things that inspire them, things I bake and other adventures! I've been blogging in German for about two and a half years (here, a fashion/photo/sewing/outfits blog), but I'm bilingual and feel the need to write in English, too. Plus I wanted a blog that focuses more on my sewing and other projects. And change is good.

You might be wondering why I chose the title "mad girls prefer pretty dresses". I have this tin bank with the girl in the header image on it, and "I'm savin' up for some therapy!" written on it, my mom gave it to me (is she hinting at anything? haha!).

From the moment I got it (last christmas or for my last birthday, not sure anymore), I knew I had to have a dress like her!

Well I've finally started it and I'll hopefully be done soon :)

(if you're interested in buying a tin bank like this, it's from Blue Q Banks and they have a website)